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Pokémon Go Fever (Bandung Experience)

It’s been about three months since the Pokémon Go game was released. I’ve been playing this game since the beginning of the game was released too. I play it in honest way without using some cheater applications like (maybe) others did. Eventhough I’ve ever felt want to install those kind of apps also, but I decided not to do that act. I decided to play it in honest way without worrying my progress will look slower than others’ have. But never mind, I feel proud of my self. 😀

I’m a woman and not kind of a freak gamer. I love playing many games but for me this game is the most addicted game I’ve ever played although I have to do some walks to make this game more attractive. And I think this game is very healthy for the gamer itself. So that’s why I’m being addicted with this Pokémon Go and could increase my walking time so can make me healthier too, refer to my big body which needs to be treated by diet program and much exercise. Ha-ha. 😀

Until one day in the last weekend of July, when I went to Bandung with my husband, we experienced the most attractive place to play Pokémon Go. Actually I had a personal business at campus on Friday and was invited to my friend’s wedding ceremony on Saturday of that weekend. Therefore I had been decided in days before the weekend to book a hotel near the Cihampelas Walk a.k.a Ciwalk. At first I hadn’t chosen the hotel we’d like to stay yet then a friend suggested me to stay near Ciwalk if me and my husband wanted to play Pokémon Go too. My friend said that at Ciwalk, there are 24 hours Lure Parties even on weekdays. Lure Party is an action of the game by using Lure Module that applied at each PokéStop. It could attract some Pokémons around to appear. If you’re lucky, the rare Pokémon would be appeared.

Remember that Saturday night after we came back from the wedding party and arrived in hotel at about 9.30 PM, we didn’t immediately go to sleep but decided to continue our activity to go to Ciwalk for playing this game! Ha-ha. 😀

And…..it happened! I saw beautiful lure parties appeared on my smartphone screen. Look!

Lure Parties
Lure Parties

Then I saw many people there, sooo crowded. Some of them were seemed walking toward the outside of Ciwalk, maybe they had finished their playing time then wanted to go home, besides the mall was starting to close. When I walked in front area of the mall, I thought there would be quiter inside such as in the central park of the mall, but I was completely wrong! There were still maaany people there, holding their smartphones connected with their power bank devices too. Interesting. 😀

My husband and I then decided to get a seat around the central park. The Ciwalk Mall has a concept indoor and outdoor mall, so that’s why it has a kind of central park and some pathways inside the mall. In the middle of playing time, suddenly we’re surprised by a friend who’s playing the game too with his friends. Suddenly he came and accosted us. We’re not talking much but yes, we discussed anything about Pokémon Go. That time was about a month since the game has been released. On that time also I was pretty sure that people all around the globe were playing this game with great enthusiasm.

These pictures below will show you how enthusiasm of Bandung people when they play Pokémon Go.






Met our friend, Ajie.


And…you have to know that it’s happened at midnight, around 11.00 – 12.00 PM! Interesting, isn’t it? 😀 Even Ajie told us that actually if we came around 8.00 – 10.00 PM we’re gonna see a very wide of ocean of people, very crowded he described. 😀

Then about 00.30 AM, suddenly a very rare Pokémon appeared! And yes, all of people inside Ciwalk was making funny scream to express their excitement to catch this rare Pokémon. Haha! 😀 I called us “lebay!” for that noisy scream. 😀
And…..without waiting so long, several minutes later a rare Pokémon appeared inside the “Pokémon Nearby” Box. Guess what? Maybe some of them were using a cheat application that help user finding a precise place of the Pokémon appeared, then suddenly those people lead almost all people who’s playing, included us, to follow them just only want to catch that rare Pokémon! 😀 This video I recorded below will describe how very crowded and very “lebay” of people on that midnite. Insane! Ha-ha. 😀


– – –

A month later, at the end of August, I was invited again to my friend’s wedding ceremony in Bandung. Then again, we planned to book a hotel near the Cihampelas Walk, again and again! Ha-ha. 😀 Actually at noon, I was invited to my friend’s engagement day in Bintaro, but lucky us, my friend’s house is near from a shopping center that there’s a travel bus pool named X-Trans that has route between Bintaro and Cihampelas. And the access from my friend’s house to the shopping center is easy and near. What a coincidence, isn’t it? So we decided go to Bandung by X-Trans travel bus that heading to Cihampelas. And more coincidence is the hotel we booked was precisely beside the X-Trans pool at Cihampelas, so we didn’t need extra ride by public transportation to lead us up to our hotel. Ha-ha. 😀

The wedding ceremony was held at 07.00 PM until 09.00 PM, but after that I didn’t directly go back to hotel with my husband because my friend, Alif, invited me to attend a small conference of our alumni group at his Coffee Shop, Cokotetra at Dago that actually had been started since after Isya’ pray time, about 07.30 PM. Of course I wasn’t alone by myself as the only woman on that informal meeting, but I was with my senior high school girl friends, Ichi and Fine. Fine is a new Mom, but she’s still like to attend some events that related to Krida (my senior high school) friends while having reunion. She’s lucky, her husband is always support her that can make her easily to come to those events without much worrying about baby-sitting of her little son while she’s enjoying the moment with friends. Everytime I saw her appearance at events I attended, I made a promise that someday, I also won’t stop for attending friends’ events, even my babies have born. 🙂 And that night, she brought Emir, her baby-son who’s sleeping. So cute! ^-^ She and her husband weren’t hurrying themselves to went back to hotel after the wedding party, but decided to came by at Cokotetra for awhile.

Then how about my husband? Yes, of course, he’s directly went to Ciwalk and playing Pokémon Go immediately. Ha-ha. 😀 At about 10.30 PM we ended our small meeting at Cokotetra then Alif and Ichi accompanied me going back to hotel at Cihampelas.


Me and Friends at Cokotetra

After I arrived in hotel at about 11.00 PM, my husband picked me up then walked together to Ciwalk. Ha-ha. 😀 As I guessed before, there were still maaany people inside Ciwalk  and we started to play, particularly my husband, he started to continue his game. He had been playing for about an hour before I came. And these pictures below will show you how crowded on that midnite at Ciwalk. It’s taken about 11.30 PM – 00.30 AM! 😀



– – –

Today, I don’t know is anybody still playing this game with great enthusiasm or not. But for me and husband, we’re still playing it although it is not as enthusiastic as before. Now he’s on Level 26 and I’m on Level 23. The higher the level we’ve got, the more difficult to raise the level up, therefore I’m becoming not as enthusiastic as many weeks ago, but surely I don’t feel bored. I’m still playing it but rarely. However, the developer of this game had made some updated  of some features so can make Pokémon Go becoming more attractive, such as the “Buddy” feature.

Well, I guess Pokémon Go is still the most interesting game for me to play nowadays. I wish I could raise the higher level as fast as others did which I often see when I saw the Gym nearby. Ha-ha. Wish me luck then. 😀