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English Test Preparation (1)

So this is it.

The moment when suddenly I want to explore my english skill again and again by monologue-ing and writing here.

Now it’s becoming an obsession to get much higher score of my TOEFL or IELTS later. It started actually at the end of last year. I remembered about my expired TOEFL prediction-test result, so I decided to start again to study. But because of my new job had just began, so I didn’t make it fast in time.

Actually I had a plan to take a TOEFL Test in this early year which were could be in January or February. But you can guess, I wasn’t in good performance so that’s why I postponed it. Haha. I hope I will ready this middle of the year.


I’m trying to keep reading english articles, watching western serials, english news, finishing my english novels, and even keeping update events on Quora day by day. That platform I mentioned in previous sentence is similar with other social medias but on Quora you can find any topics or updated events while increasing your english skill without any fear of lagging the informations or update moments or events which is happening or recently happened. Instead of facing bullsh*ts on mainstream social medias like facebook, path, instagram, and twitter everyday, it’s better to move on with something new and certainly will make you smarter.

(well actually it is not a generalize, we’re still can find good/positive things on that mainstream social medias, but related to what happened recently which always be that political things again and again, racism, fanaticism, etc, sometimes better to switch to another platforms for your entertainment)

I have some english materials too for supporting me learning the english. Lucky me, I have both IELTS and TOEFL materials freely. One is I got from a friend who got it by downloading from the internet which you can imagine how big the file size is where you have to provide the best internet connection to download it, and the other one is I got from a free educational workshop that held by one of candidate of the IA-ITB election participant in last February.

Through these months since I decided to start studying again, I’ve experienced things related to “increasing english skill”, such as took a TOEFL prediction test, took an english test on jobstreet website, and the last one is I came to an interview at foreign company where of course I needed english to do it although I didn’t past it in the end, haha. But for me, that interview was the very incredible experience I’ve ever had since graduated from college at least for me as an ordinary student who’s not as smart as others, haha. And for the results of both tests, guess what, my scores have increased! Both of them! At least since 2014, the last year I’ve taken those tests.

Talking about the free workshop that I mentioned in previous passage, lucky us who came to the event, there’s also a simulation of an IELTS test by the IDP Education, a kind of an educational organisation based in Australia that help international students to find best universities for them who want to study abroad, including organize the IELTS test. Honestly, that was my first experience knowing what the IELTS test form is. But I don’t think I’m late, at least now I can manage my self to fulfill the best scores both for IELTS and TOEFL.

Wish me luck then. 🙂

– – – – –

Matraman, 10.04.2016


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