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Visiting the Sick

This writing is inspired by the time when me and office mates visited our Big Boss who had to be stayed for days in the hospital. I saw his wife told us a little bit displeasure when some of her husband’s friends came to visit him then took some photographs of him. She said it would bother him by spreading the information of his sick among his friends. She said they shouldn’t have taken the husband photograph and shared it to his friends. Despite the fact that my Big Boss was no objection about it. But I saw it as a form of an attention and an affection from the wife to the husband.


It has to be noted when you wanted to visit one of your friend or colleague or even family who’s in unhelthy condition so then he/she should have a bedrest time at home or at hospital.

We have to understand why almost all hospitals adjust their tight schedule for patients’ guests who want to visit them. You may see that commonly hospitals have two times for visitors schedule. Usually it happens at noon between 11.30 – 12.30 (lunch time) and at evening between 17.00 – 19.00 (dinner time). But sometimes most of us didn’t pay attention with the rules just because we feel as part of the family which actually we’re not in the main family member or we’re the patient’s close friend, etc.


Visiting the sick is a very good action and good suggestion to do, especially if the sick is someone you close with, like family, friend, or colleague. Even in a Hadith of Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu’alaihi Wassalam said,

“When a Muslim visits his sick Muslim brother in the morning, seventy thousand angels make dua for his forgiveness till the evening. And when he visits him in the evening, seventy thousand angels make dua for his forgiveness till the morning, and he will be granted a garden for it in Jannah.” (HR. at-Tirmidzi and Abu Daud)

The other Hadith of Our Beloved Prophet that mention about visiting the sick is a Sunnah:

“Whoever visits a sick person (for the pleasure of Allah), a Caller from the skies announces: You are indeed blessed and your walking is blessed and you have (by this noble act) built yourself a home in Jannah.” (HR. Ibnu Majah)

And still, don’t forget and always to remember when we visit the sick is we have to follow the rules that might be held by the hospital or if the sick stayed at home then the rules were held by the host.

The simply action you can do is to be polite, do not make any noisy thing, and do not stay for a long time to let the sick continues his/her bedrest time.

Even also in a Hadith of Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallaahu’alaihi Wassallam that related by Hadrat Ibnu ‘Abbas radhiyallaahu’anhu:

“It is part of the Sunnah that when you visit a sick person, you should shorten your visit to him and make the least amount of noise by him.”


– – – – –


The other wisdom that I could take from the moment is the couple was looked nice, happy, and seemed that they always live in peace and never had fight on each other. They’re still romantic on that age. (it showed when they did their conversation and a little movement of their hands when they touched each other in front of us)

And my prediction of my Big Boss and his wife ages are among 60s.

Incredibly beautiful, isn’t it?


– – –

11.00 WIB

Matraman, 26.03.2016



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