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Today I’m enjoying my self to be at home. Sometimes when you feel in a rush and being complicated with your duties at office, you just need to be relax and free your self. Lucky me, I’m not an employee who has a big obligation to be always stay at the office (although I had a dream to be part of that kind of employment, haha :p). Hence, since I was rejected by some dream-companies for many times, I started to full-ing in love with my current job as a “freelancer” engineer who works for projects not companies. Besides, I fully enjoy with the salary too. Haha. :p


Sometimes, working as a consultant engineer can ease you to arrange your schedule of one random-day (or many days you could take) on your own way, especially for you as a woman. I mean here, being a consultant who work for projects and not fully tied by the company which has hired you. Usually projects are conducting at separate places far away from the main/head office (which is usually placed in central city). And this is the part that I said “you can arrange your schedule on your own way” previously. You may take an off-day that suitable for you. But of course, you still need your boss’ permission, don’t be a cheater and looks like a defaulter. No. Ask your bosses politely, so you won’t worry with your free-day and will fully enjoy every single hour you have. If you had children, you may take care of them instead which usually they were taken care by your hired nanny. If you’re still single or married with still no children (like me), you may run your hobbies or take another activities that you think you need more time than usual.


Like today.


I’m off. I had permission from my supervisor. I stay at home for only this day. I can take care of my messy home. I can enjoying “me time” to do selling my bags on my online shops. Also I can have my exhilaration to read my new book and will learn much things from it. And… it is. I started open a page randomly and caught this one! (but seriously, I didn’t manage it before, it’s purely random)




Oh God! Suddenly I was glued, speechless. I hope it wasn’t merely a coincidence. My pray for my self. Ganbatte!




Thursday, 3 December 2015

12:56 WIB


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