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It’s started 2 (two) days ago. One of my friend started talk about “it” on  our Whatsapp Group and it suddenly reminded me of something.


I remembered about an article I’ve read several months ago. It tells about a young man who gained a scholarship and studied abroad with an “unlucky” academic condition at his previous college. Why I said “unlucky”? Because he had a “not common” condition as a scholarship awardee like others.


Usually people nowadays when talking about scholarships or studying abroad, they have an outlook that it would be impossible for people who don’t have good academic records from their previous schools/colleges to have an equal opportunity to others who “lucky” or in good academic condition which means they have good academic results that usually with CGPA scores is 3.0/4 or more. And it’s true. Today, almost all good universities or colleges abroad are requiring candidates with good academic performances background, e.g. a Bachelor’s Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) must be at least 75% of the scale maximum or if we’re interpreted means Sarjana I (SI) degree with a final cumulative grade point average (CGPA) of 3.0/4. Sometimes for some universities, they will require beyond that criteria. Especially if those universities have good rank record of the world universities. On that case, we could say this young man didn’t meet all those “high level” requirements but he proved us that he’s made something impossible to be a possible thing.


Well, now I’m very enthusiastic and dreamed of being a young man on that article. But I also do repeat many questions and statements of my mind. “Would it be?”, “Should I try?”, “Ow, that’s impossible.”, “I wouldn’t make it.”, “Is it possible?”, etc. The more I’m asking my self, the more I feel curious.


Right after the day my friend broached the topic, I started to do research on the internet. While I was researching many things, I also asked my husband about everything and some ‘sensitive’ questions. (You know, it’s one of obligation for a wife before she could do anything she likes.) And…..unexpectedly! Like usual, he said he’ll always give his best and will always support, for everything, as long as it’s a good thing and won’t harm anybody else. Thanks, Honey! :’) If it wasn’t him, maybe I wouldn’t dare to have such wild dreams.


After got his permission, I’m getting more excited and intend to be more serious. I don’t want to be like “me” in previous time who didn’t consider “it” as an important thing. Yeah, we’re still don’t know what will happen in the future, next year, two years, three years, or more years from now. But, what can I do right now is only to do “trying” and “acting”.


We realize our condition isn’t same as like our previous life as a single person. But we have chosen and made a decision. We’re only taking an “advantage” of our condition that still in “no children” condition until today. We don’t take KB program, we’re normal, and healthy. Is there something wrong? No, we guess not. As long as we happy with our life, nothing more that we should problem with.


As we know, we never know what Allah’s Plan for all of us in this world, especially here for both of us. Maybe Allah Has a Better Plan or something more beautiful that could be make us happier and make our life more useful for us even useful for others? Maybe. So I would say, I won’t waste my time lamenting uncertain thing and will fill it with good activities and good things.


Sometimes I feel worry about what people would think to me when they know if “it” truly happened later. But like my husband always told me before, from now, I have to learn how to ignore people who don’t like me and always trying to ignore negative things that may come from them. He said, it would be many possibilities for people will talk behind us, talking about our “wrong” decisions or about our “wrong” choices. But he always said to ignore it and try not to deep think about what people would say.


– – –


Today, I’m holding a long list of “it“. And I’ve started to make marks, one by one of this my long list. I promise to focus on “it” and try not to think other people, especially them who don’t like me.




– – –


Thursday, 12.11.2015

17:47 WIB



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