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NK Goes to Carita, Anyer

This is our first time as a full team had chance to have outing event together out of the city. Different with previous trip which was only one day trip that it was went to Bandung and it felt like a hurry-trip because held only in one day, this trip had been held more and more interesting. On this opportunity, we were not only had one day but we had two days trip with also one night stayed. And the destination was Carita Beach, Anyer. Yeay!

It started by lunch-meeting together in a some day, iniciated by Mr. Simanjuntak who is Mr. Nishimura‘s assistant with helped by Mr. Faisal (a.k.a Pak Bule or short called as Pak Bul). We were arranging plans and talked much about the farewell event plan for some our mates. After very long discussion, finally we decided together would have joyful trip to Carita Beach. Lucky us, because of Mr. Faisal has relation to rent a condomminium (look like an apartment room) at Carita Beach, so we got cheaper rent price than the normal price. Then yes, he booked it for us. We were very happy and felt like cannot wait more days to reach the day.

Day by day, time by time, we were more excited to have the big day. Some preparations had been done by us, even our boss, also our father, Mr. Nishimura was also helping us by himself without any bashful of his high prestige as a Directore of this current Project. (very sweet right?) :”)

We bought some snacks, drinks, and everything to be needed before the day we went. Even BBQ equipments, we couldn’t forget to preapare it. Fyi, our father, Mr. Nishimura had bought the BBQ grill and its equipments deliberately in previous days for office events purpose which was ever used for some party events held every three months along the project (I don’t know exactly how many parties have been held along the project cause of I joined just this early year).


Saturday, 23 August 2014

The sun was shining bright on that morning. I was ready by everything packed in my bag. My watch showed 6.30 am. That day was the day. My husband offered himself to accompany me get the office before leaving for Anyer. Actually I had decided go to office by taxi, but still, he was not only offering me help but also he forced me to accept him to follow me until arrive at the office. Ok, I accepted that and go.

Several moments later, unexpected thing happened. There was very long traffic near Enggano, somewhere more steps to Tanjung Priok Bus Station. Our taxi couldn’t move well so I decided to drop off near Post 3 which is near Enggano Area. Finally I decided continue by the Ojek and forced the Hubby went back home.

Lucky me I wasn’t late according to the schedule. But unfortunately, when I arrived the office, all things had been brought to the bus. I felt bad actually to my friend, Anggita. Because the day before, she asked me for not coming late for the day. Eventhough I did 6.30 am on that morning, I was still could not come earlier. Unwanted things happened which was very long traffic, so I felt very bad for awhile. Sorry, Git.. 😦

The time showed 7.30 am. Suddenly Mr. Nishimura asked us to go without more waiting for anybody. But again, he just missunderstood about the schedule and we continued waiting for two persons remaining. He supposed that at 7.30 am we should go whereas it meant we would do waiting anybody from 7.30 am until 8.00 am. Chip-chup! At 8.00 am, finally we had completed and left the office for Anyer. Yeay! 🙂

Like teenagers who will go for summer camp, all fashion stuff had been seen from all of us, especially the girls. Wide brim sun hat, sunglasses, and also beach-scarf. Before we’re leaving, we prayed together for our safety and pleasure. And minutes after, Anggita has ready with her “tongsis” or “tongkat narsis”, a long stick to help people capturing their own self picture (selfie). So we decided taking for some pictures. Hehe. 😀

At about 12.00 pm, we’ve arrived at Anyer area. Some tourist attraction places had been seen at left and right of our bus. Unfortunately, it turned out that our beach destination was still 50 km from the Anyer which was we arrived in. Obviously, our beach was in Carita Beach, near Anyer area. Before we arrived at our lodging, we strayed of our route. It was only cause of little misscommunication between us and Mr. Faisal who had arrived first at his own way by his car from Jakarta. Finally, at about 12.45 pm, we arrived.

The condominium was located near the beach. I could say that its location was on the side of the beach. Very close. There were two rooms with three bedrooms of each part. We weren’t directly made division for bedrooms, we directly had lunch together. But again before that, we, the girls looked around all the bedrooms before went to the dining room. We thought that we ought to have the best bedroom because we’re the girls. So finally, it had been decided that we had to have the big one with two wide beds inside. After that, we’re laught loud and back to take some pictures of us in the bedroom.


The Girls


After lunch, Mr. Faisal said all of us had free time and free activities but to be expected all activites were made near the beach. Some of us prepared their self to change their appropriate clothes, for sousing our self into the water. Because it was a beach, so I couldn’t wear my swimsuit. Just wearing dress and went out.

The girls were very excited. Yelling loud and louder when saw the beach. The atmosphere was very nice, smooth breezy and not so hot. Minutes after left the room, we threw into the water. Very happy. Didn’t forget to take some pictures, more and more.






We also played “Banana Boat”. I was very excited cause I had never played this game before. I thought it would be fun and would be very great pleasure if I could try to play it. So I decided to try this one. After waiting for awhile for price agreement between us and the renter, finally we played. The girls, of course, on the first line before the boys (men actually). And the game began. Mr. Aris who is the best man of photography was also joined us, but only stayed at boat and took some pictures of us.

We got two rounds for riding the “Banana Boat”. We rode and turned round and round in the ocean, then suddenly and quickly we were overthrown into the water by boat driver. And that’s it! The moment I will not forget in my lifetime. I realize I was just got panic and couldn’t control my emotion because of I cannot swim well. I felt like I would die soon. Actually I had gotten my relax position after thrown into the water, firstly. But because of bigger wave happened when the boat came to us for packing us up, I sank for few seconds, maybe. I felt cannot breath more. Felt like I really would sink deeper. Panic, panic, panic, and couldn’t think clearly anymore. But Thanks God, it was just panic. I was screaming very loud, yelling “help!” again and again. The only thing I could think was only my husband and remembered all sins I did in the whole life. I was not ready to die! I forgot how the detail was, finally I came back on the “Banana Boat” with others. But after that, I was still screaming loud and asked to finish the game, didn’t want to continue the second round. I was veeery panic, afraid, and cried. Then eventually I was on spead boat, just sat silently and did little cry, while waiting the game was really end and came back into the beach. Thanks God, I’m still alive! 😥

In second round, they were thrown again but it was the final section of the game. So they were just left behind by us who rode speed boat. The boat driver brought me and Mr. Aris into the beach. I steped out of the boat carefully and still couldn’t think clearly. Walked slowly, limped, and continued crying. Until I arrived near our condominium, I just sat down on the sand and stared at the ocean. Still continued to cry while waiting for the girls who were still being picked up by the boat driver. But again, it was the other great experience for me, as our reminder that someday everybody will be died, definitely, soon or whenever we never know…

After the girls came up, they asked me, my condition and feelings. Lucky me, I have friends like them all. They do care about me. Especially when Dyesti said some strong words that made me warm. T^T

I’m still want to live longer, still want to do much kind things and still want to erase all sins in the past. T^T
Several minutes later, we decided back to our room for doing some rest. We also cleaned up our body and drying our clothes.
About 5.00 pm, we, the girls went back into the beach to prepare ourselves watching the sunset. Didn’t forget to bring cameras. We played around but did not much activities near the water. All of us had taken a shower before. We took many pictures by our cameras. Unfortunately, the sky on that afternoon was little bit cloudy, so the sun couldn’t be seen clearly. About 6.00 pm we went back to the condominium.

We got ready together for the next activity which was the BBQ time. Lucky us, especially the girls, we didn’t need so much preparation for BBQ because Mr. Faisal had already rent some people to do the job. We, the girls were just frying cassavas and potatoes. About 7.30 pm, we, the girls went down into the terrace of our condominium. The men have been ready before and all of them were seen had their dinner meal. Me, of course, couldn’t wait more and directly went into the people who roasted the menu. For opening the dinner, I took some big shrimps, before the big craps and the big squids also. I know it was shameless I took many food on my plate but I didn’t care though I’m a girl. That moment I think, was my best experience on having BBQ time. So many kind of seafood-menu and also all of them were big of each type.

After we had dinner, we continued to sing together. Mr. Faisal, Mr. Aris, Mr. Rizal, played their guitars. We played and singing together happily. Even Mr. Nishimura also, he sang a song in front of us.


Mr. Faisal & Mr. Nishimura Sang Together


About 10.30 pm, we ended our activity. Some of us have been looked sleepy. Suddenly the weather turned into cloudy and the grizzle started. We went back to our rooms with boys and girls were separated. I felt very sleepy also.


Sunday, 24 August 2014

Later, the girls had been slept, but me, I couldn’t sleep well. It was 1.30 am. I had cough that day, it felt uneasy with the girls. So I decided went out from bedroom while continue coughing. I couldn’t sleep and decided turning on the television. It was “Mario Teguh Golden Ways” on Metro TV. I took my comfy position by arranging some livingroom chairs. I enjoyed the show until I felt drowse and fell a sleep.

5.00 am. My alarm on my mobile rang very loudly. I woke up and immediately went to the bathroom for taking Wudhu. It’s Subuh time. After praying, unfortunately I decided to continue to sleep while the television was still on in front of me. Actually some of us had plans to look for the sunrise, but I thought because of the beach is not headland-form, so there weren’t such place or area to catch the sunrise. So I decided continue sleeping without feeling guilty.

Finally 7.30 am, every of us have been woke up, including me. Suddenly Mr. Okeu started activity in the kitchen and cooked the rest of BBQ raw materials and also made fried rice. Some of the men had already done of their breakfast and continued into the beach to play around again on that bright morning. We, the girls, firstly didn’t want to play again, but in the end we decided to play again into the beach after breakfast. The girls and I changed our clothes with clothes which were being dried and have been wore on the previous day. Immediately we went into the beach following the men.

We played the “Boogieboarding” by rent some Boogie Boards. It was very fun! We plunged into the water slightly near the beach and started playing it. We laughed and really enjoy the game. To play the “Boogieboarding”, we need the small wave that ran into the beach. So we stood for awhile and waiting for the wave came up. After that, we proned on the Boogie Board by the coming wave was behind our body, then let the wave heaving our body into the beach direction. Then after we arrived into near the beach, we went back to the water slightly distance from the beach and playing again. It was really really really fun!






About 11.00 am we ended the game and as usual, we took some pictures. Several minutes later, Mr. Faisal offered us to swim in the swimming pool near the condominium, and without more command, we agreed to do that next session. The swimming pool was on the side of the condominium. In the swimming pool, we played like “Water Polo”. We were separated into two teams with mix gender of it. We played one round and after that Mr. Faisal excused us back to the condomminium to take the camera. But I decided to finish up the game after took swimming for awhile then back to the condominium also but firstly before the others.


I took a shower and packed up the things. Then minutes later the girls arrived and they did same thing as I did. After about an hour, we had ready and everything had been packed up. After that we directly went to the dining room and gathered there for a little “goodbye” ceremonial while having our lunch. Mr. Faisal asked some of us to say some words anything about the trip. We, as participants are very thank you to our father, Mr. Nishimura for everything that had been prepared and held there, for every happiness of us, and every laugh we had. After that ceremonial things, closed with prayed and clapped together. All of us looked happy and smiled widely.


About 1.30 pm, finally we started our journey back to Jakarta.

Again, thank you very much for every of you. Thank you for be part of my life. Thank you for everything that we have done until this time. Thank you for the stories, the jokes, the laughs, the happiness, and everything. Thank you, thank you very much!



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